Islamic Awareness Week 2015

Dear brothers and sisters,

The Islamic Society is very pleased to announce that the Islamic Awareness Week for this year will be in the week commencing on the 2nd of February 2015 (Venue: LTB) and will be terminated by the Islamic Conference on the 7th of February 2015 (Venue: Ivor Crewe). The theme of the week this year is “Islam in the Eyes of the West”. You are all cordially invited to attend the Week’s lectures and exhibition. Please also feel free to advertise the Islamic Awareness Week and Conference on behalf of the Islamic Society and extend this invitation to your family colleagues and friends.

Here are the programmes:


Looking forward to seeing you all there.

The Islamic Society at the University of Essex

Social event for Males on 17th Wednesday

Dear all,

Essex ISOC would like to invite you for the next social event which will be held on Wednesday 17th December 2014 from 7 pm to 10 pm. The event is for males and will take place in the multi-faith large room. In the event, we will wave farewell to two of the society best members as they are leaving the city. Tea, coffee, and refreshments will be provided. Also, a light snacks will be provided for attendees. In order to know the number for catering purposes, please fill the form below and if you wish to attend.

Best regards

Essex ISOC

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ISOC NEW classes: English Tafseer, English seerah, Quran memorization

Dear All,

Essex ISOC would like to inform you about the new classes which will be orgnased by brothers and sisters. the following is details for those classes.

1.) Quran Memorization & Tajweed (pronunciation) –

We will commence the memorization of the Noble Quran from the beginning (Al Baqarah) and continue bit by bit everyday Insha Allah.

Venue: Prayer room

Day: Everyday

Time: Between Asr and Maghreb (2:30 pm onwards)


2.) English Seerah (Biography of the Prophet PBUH) –

We have already had the first session for this year. We have covered the life of the Prophet PBUH before prophethood and will begin the period spent in Makkah onwards from next week isA.

Venue: Prayer Room (can be changed)

Day: Tuesdays

Time: After Isha (6:30pm onwards)


3.) English Tafseer (Translation & explanation) –

We will commence with the Tafseer of the Noble Quran from the beginning (Al-Fatihah) starting next week isA. Depending on the people who attend, we can also work on tajweed here isA.

Venue: Prayer Room/Seminar room

Day: Wednesdays

Time: After Isha (6:30 pm) onwards


May Allah accept your good deeds.

Essex ISOC