4th July 2011

About us

A society committed to positive dialogue and improving understanding of Islam.

We create positive dialogue by bringing the the wider community together through charitable projects whilst encouraging them to participate in our fun activities and stimulating seminars. We improve the understanding of Islam by creating a space where Muslims can uphold their religious values and obligations together through congregational prayers, knowledge building courses and social gatherings.

Other than creating positive dialogue and improving the understanding of Islam across campus for both Muslims and Non Muslims alike, the society’s foundations are based upon building and maintaining relationships. The unique atmosphere creates an authentic sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. You will usually find brothers and sisters chilling out in the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy having tea, coffee and food until it’s time for prayers or one of our weekly activities.

As an ISOCer your university experience will be enriched through creating bonds with international friends, through dedication to charitable projects, through the knowledge gained from a variety of seminars and courses, through fulfilling your religious obligations, through engaging with the wider community and through the memories of all the laughs and thrills you shared when participating in the events and activities.

6 thoughts on “About us

  • Would like to appreciate your works. I have registered for post graduate degree with essex starting this october and I was unhappy after finding there is no masjid near colchester campus. I found this society.
    Thanks to Allah
    I am happy now and insha Allah will be a member of the society soon.

    Ajish Ahammed.

  • Islamic society is doing a very good work to gather muslims in ramadan and both eids…….providing prayers facilities to both brothers and sistere and arranging Jummah prayers…keep it up.

  • Assalamualaikum. It would be convenient to know the details of the supervisor in charge of volunteering events in the society so it’ll be easier for volunteers to log in their volunteering hours in Career Hub. There should also be a list of the high committee members of the society, with their email address or contact number in any of the Islamic Society websites or pages on Facebook etc for members to know and communicate to when needed. Your kind attention is very much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Many thanks for your suggestions. All these suggestions will be at our high priority to discuss in the Committee next meeting.


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